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Dec. 10th, 2020 12:22 am
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[Character Name]
Ako Shirabe
[Canon] Pretty Cure (Suite Series)
[Point Taken from Canon] Episode 1-11

[Age] 10
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Heterosexual
[Housing] 7134 Brooks "Ako Marvelous"

[Eye Color] Gold
[Hair Color] Orange-Red
[Height] 4'3"
[Other] Will Lineface at You
[Clothing] http://images.wikia.com/prettycure/images/2/28/Akomuse.jpg

In it are spoilers for Suite Precure )
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You've reached Ako. Sorry I can't come to the phone right now, so leave a name and number and I'll get back to you.


Dec. 10th, 2020 12:08 am
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How's the driving? Anon enabled, screened posts, etc etc.
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Player Name: Shaun
Player Journal: [personal profile] drunkenpandaren
Age: 31
Contact: DrSKirk @ plurk, skbgarin@gmail.com
Characters Played: N/A

Name: Ako Shirabe
Canon: Suite Precure
Canon Point: Post-Series
History: http://prettycure.wikia.com/wiki/Shirabe_Ako

Mayfield History:

Arriving in the 50s style town of Mayfield, Ako found herself living in a home with a pair of pirates Ambrosia and Marvelous who were her designated mother and father in this strange world. Finding that to be a rather frustrating thing, she spent her days going to school and avoiding conversations as much as possible until she started to make friends. Some of her friends included Cain, her neighbour Lavita who she kept a running dialogue with, the child teacher Negi Springfield who she had a crush on for a while and Yuna Akashi a friend of the family.

During this time, Ako suffered under Mayfield's cruel nature, seeing her parents being changed by the power of Mayfield's reality shifting abilities which were soon later discovered to be a computerized version of themselves. They were all digital copies created by scanning the original and implementing it into the nightmarish Mayfield. A movement was set to recover the effects of a woman who had grown up in the simulation, and soon the final days were upon the Mayfielders. It was here that they managed to escape the grip of the town that was tearing itself apart, and find a place to live in a far part of the simulation.

It was here that after numerous trials and tribulations that Ako accepted her situation, and finally called Marvelous her father. Moving in with her friend Sasami and her family which consisted of Hayate Yagami, Rin Natsuki and Nozomi Yumehara, it seemed like their family was finally going to have the ideal lifestyle free of strife. At this point, Ako also restored her full powers, including the power of the Symphony Crescendo Mode which is her super mode.

Personality: Serious, determined, tsundere, quiet and caring. These are all facets that make up Ako. A young girl with the weight of a kingdom on her shoulders, she was born in Major Land as the princess of the kingdom, along with her mother (Aphrodite), father (Mephisto), and her grandfather (Otokichi). As a child she grew up with a love for songs and music until her father tried to retrieve the Crescendo Tone music box, and came back possessed by Noise's evil.

After this event, Ako ran from Major Land and went to live with her grandfather in the human world, and adopted a more serious personality that, over time became her default personality. Serious to a fault, Ako tends to come off as a grump, and doesn't get along well with others. However, she managed to befriend Souta, Kanade's younger brother who has done his best to work his way into her life. She and Souta are rarely seen apart from one another, and they walk and do things together such as attend festivals and such.

Ako's seriousness also comes with a price, that she tends to shove away people who are trying to help her. Her only confidant for the longest time was Otokichi, and her Fairy Tone Dodori. Those two, coupled with the Precure powers that were granted to her during the Melody of Harmony Festival in Major land were defining factors in her life. She took up the identity of Cure Muse, but disguised herself even further with a black costume to make herself look older along with contacts to further disguise her appearance.

Rarely however if one catches her in a quiet moment, Ako usually drops her seriousness for a brief moment. Privately she loves to sing, as well as listen to music by herself. This gives insight to the much quieter and softer Ako, who loves cute things and makes a point to care for everything that she comes across. She is definitely one of those characters who hides most of her thoughts away from others, and has a deep seated trust in those who she loves and cares for, including her currently evil father.

It should be noted that she hates being teased, something that has been seen twice over and numerous times with her friends who are incredible trolls. When being teased that she couldn't reach the notes, Ako donned platform Black Muse boots and she was also suckered into wearing a Princess Costume on Halloween. In short, she can get embarrassed really fast, and either react with a loud yell or a need to slink off and sulk somewhere.

Mayfield Changes:

She hasn't changed as much as she could have, but Ako remains very much a girl who has managed to survive in the dark days that defined her life for a year. She is very much aware that she is a digital reconstruction of her original self, and yet that is a less of a problem than anything else. More importantly, she was growing up in her likes and dislikes, watching relationships blossom and be destroyed by death, fire or droning and found that her general preferences towards romance was "touch and go".

She is more accepting of the World Screwing Them Over as a general theme of things that happen in the world around her, but she is also reliant on her friends and family to give her a chance to learn what's going on. In a situation like Equestria, she would probably adapt very quickly.

Strengths: As Cure Muse, she has several powers that are directly tied to the Fairy Tones and Harmony Power, a power generated by Friendship. Her strength and stamina are boosted to ten times her abilities, as with dexterity, power and movement. She is fast, strong, and have several powers that are tied to the use of Fairy Tones as catalysts in the casting. Shining Circle is an attack done by duplicating herself and surrounding the opponent with energy, trapping them inside and bombarding the opponent with energy. Sparkling Shower is an attack that generates any amount of golden notes and are hurled as explosive bombardment, or alternatively can create a single massive one and use that as a explosive projectile. She is also strong enough to throw a giant monster across a swamp, like say the Hydra from Season 1. In short, she is an incredible power house. Her powers are basically every pony's dream in it is literally weaponized friendship. As normal Ako she also has the ability to generate a rainbow music bridge which doubles as a method of transport. She can contain an opponent within a ball of rainbow keys, or fire it like a projectile. This power is NOT tied to her Cure Powers and is limited to her family powers being a princess.

Weaknesses: Without faith in herself, and faith in her friends, Muse's powers can wane and become useless. She can maintain her transformed state, but be as strong as she is normally which isn't much for a eleven year old girl. Her usual rainbow keys power is not affected by this, but she tends not to rely on them at all. Take away the Fairy Tones and she loses quite a bit of her power, including access to Symphony Crescendo Mode which is her super mode. Just basically increase her power by maybe double or triple in that mode. But without Fairy Tones, she is unable to do anything about it.

Note that Mayfield did NOT increase or decrease her powers at all. Precure Powers tend to remain static in nature, and while Ako has a strong upper level, it only fluctuates when she has friends, getting weaker or stronger when she is in turmoil or having fun with friends.

Possessions: Heart Tone Key, Dodori the Fairy and Tiri the Fairy. The Heart Tone Key is her magical girl transformation item, which turns her into Cure Muse, the fourth member of the Suite Precure. Together, Dodori and Tiri function as both weapon and advisors to her, and would give her people to talk to when no one is around.

The Fairy Tones, Tiri and Dodori have personalities, yes. They are similar to familiars, but Precure's reliance on having fairies to transform, especially Suite Precure's requires them to transform with the use of fairy tones. There is one way she could transform without the fairy tones and only on pure Harmony Power, but she'd need a circle of good friends to draw strength on to do so. I would like it if the Fairy Tones accompanied her, as a good chunk of her abilities are missing without them.

Pony/Animal Type: Unicorn Pony.
Cutie Mark: A pair of golden notes over her Heart Tone Key design.
Pony Picture: Coming soon.

First Person: Am I supposed to start this with Dear Princess Celestia? Really? Well, okay if you say so.

Dear Princess Celestia, today I've learned that friendship is thriving even here in Equestria. It's a far cry from the place that I used to live in all the time. And while friends will never replace the loved ones in your heart, you will also find that people are always there to fill the void. Especially when some of your friends from the previous place you were are here. Or potentially are, I think there's some here. Maybe? I dunno. In any case, I think friendship and the chance to study this kind of magic is actually really good, considering my powers run completely off them. Yeah, I've kind of weaponized friendship too.

Your newest student, Ako Shirabe.

Third Person: Ako rolled up the letter and handed it off as she trotted over to the mirror. She looked similar to her original form, with hair that was orange and a soft yellow fur that covered her body. She felt naked without her usual outfit but her fairy tones floated around exploring the place she called home now.

Home. How weird that was to be said but Equestria was actually NICE. It wasn't just nice, it was downright awesome at times. Where else could she learn about a place that, like herself, empowered people on friendship? It was something to be seen that was for sure, and she decided to dedicate time to learn about it.

Sure she missed her papa, and the papa that came before her. Sure she missed having hands, and fingers, and a whole lot of things. At least this place wasn't stuck in the 50s like the previous place but hey, who knew what was going to happen. Maybe people could actually develop new and exciting things!

She sighed and looked into the mirror, poking her muzzle with a hoof. "This isn't much, but its home now. I guess I should be grateful Papa knows that I can take care of myself."

One day she would return, but not today. Today was book time, and maybe some singing too. After all, people tended to break out into song in this place.
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1. [Some Random Building Top...]

[Black Muse is standing atop a building. How she got up there, no one's going to ask really, or maybe they would. But she was standing there, arms over her front as she watched the world go by. The cold weather was more tolerable now, and she gazed along the area in her homemade Black Muse outfit, her Cure Module sitting there at her chest. Quietly, she watched the town, seemingly quiet for the time being. All she could think of though at the moment was why in the world did she decide to do this in the first place? Getting up here without powers was no picnic.]

2. [Some Random Cafe Somewhere...]

[Ako's drinking something warm, probably hot chocolate as she watches the world go by. She's been thinking about how things are going so far, and was debating on what to do when the new year rang in. It was barely the start of the year for her back home, and this was throwing her all off.]
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[Inside 7134 Brooks Lane]

[Ako had received a gift under the tree this year, and while her drone brother was digging into the presents meant for him, she carefully unwrapped her first present. Inside was a card as she opened it up. Wait, what was this? A picture of Dodori and... her Cure Module. Touching the card, it glowed and in a flash of light, a small violet gemstone floated there.]

It's been a long time, Muse.

Dodory! [Ako was super happy to see her friend again as she hugged the Fairy Tone.]

[Outside Brook Lane]

[So the transforming didn't work. That was fine, as long as she had her friend with her. Dodory floated nearby.] What do you think, muse?

We're going to need some black cloth. [Replied Ako.]
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1. [Phone, Filtered from Drones]

I'm going to go on the assumption that people vanishing in addition to people freezing their behinds off is not normal for this place. If anything is even normal here.

2. [John Doe Park]

[That tree was really obnoxiously glowing bright. Ako had a urge to knock it down. If only she had her Precure powers... but no. That wasn't the way she should be thinking even if she was a lone wolf. She didn't fight for the same reasons Hibiki and Kanade did.

Hibiki. Kanade. Souta. Grandpa. Mother. Father. What would they think about her now? At least she's not erased or anything, she refused the offer. And really, she wanted to figure out what was going on.]

3. [Elementary]

[English, oi. It was a subject she was good at mind you, but it wasn't the first time that she had run into books written exclusively in it. She was wandering around, looking for her next class. It was cool in the school as usual, and she was bundled up in her jacket.]

4. [Rec Center]

[Thankfully it wasn't shut down and there were only a few people here and there. Most people were avoiding it because it was cold, but it was perfect for Ako's needs. Removing her jacket, she started to warm up, and soon was running laps around the perimeter of the area. It wasn't like she was too bothered by the cold yet, but she was able to see her breath with each step.]
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1. 7134 Brooks Lane, Action, Late at Night

[Ako had enough. The large bed was too cold and she was shivering almost uncontrollably since the cold had settled in. Bundled up in a housecoat wasn't enough for her, even despite the size. It was time to suck up the dignity and do something she hadn't done since she was at least six.

Marching over towards the master bedroom and hoping to god that Marvelous and Ambrosia hadn't done anything else for heat -- hey she listened to Kanade's girlish fantasies before -- she pushed the door open and hopped up onto their bed, sleeping or not. And without preamble, dug herself into the sheets from the bottom up to worm beside her parents.

Dignity intact. Kind of. Unless they shove her out or something.]

2. Out in town earlier that morning

[Ako's in town, having bundled up incredibly in mittens, and a jacket and everything else. She was looking for some kind of supplies, candles, blankets, anything. But the stores were so incredibly bare of essentials.]

Seriously this is getting ridiculous. I get here and it's like a freezer. Worse than anything Kanon Town had gotten before.

[And this was from a girl who, close to winter, wore her usual outfit of suspender shorts and a long sleeved shirt. Reaching for a blanket that was very very high up, she wished for her boots. At least then, she could have reached it.]

3. Phone

Okay, I have to ask. Is this normal? Really? I don't think shutting down the power when it get this cold is anything but normal.
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[It's morning. And Ako's already Tsunning. She had arrived shortly into this incoherent mess, and took all of five minutes to realize she wasn't with her father. Or mother. Or grandfather, and certainly no Dodori anywhere.

So she's calmly eating cereal.]

I need to know where the quickest route from the Elementary to my home is from here. [Short and to the point, isn't she?]


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