Dec. 14th, 2011

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1. 7134 Brooks Lane, Action, Late at Night

[Ako had enough. The large bed was too cold and she was shivering almost uncontrollably since the cold had settled in. Bundled up in a housecoat wasn't enough for her, even despite the size. It was time to suck up the dignity and do something she hadn't done since she was at least six.

Marching over towards the master bedroom and hoping to god that Marvelous and Ambrosia hadn't done anything else for heat -- hey she listened to Kanade's girlish fantasies before -- she pushed the door open and hopped up onto their bed, sleeping or not. And without preamble, dug herself into the sheets from the bottom up to worm beside her parents.

Dignity intact. Kind of. Unless they shove her out or something.]

2. Out in town earlier that morning

[Ako's in town, having bundled up incredibly in mittens, and a jacket and everything else. She was looking for some kind of supplies, candles, blankets, anything. But the stores were so incredibly bare of essentials.]

Seriously this is getting ridiculous. I get here and it's like a freezer. Worse than anything Kanon Town had gotten before.

[And this was from a girl who, close to winter, wore her usual outfit of suspender shorts and a long sleeved shirt. Reaching for a blanket that was very very high up, she wished for her boots. At least then, she could have reached it.]

3. Phone

Okay, I have to ask. Is this normal? Really? I don't think shutting down the power when it get this cold is anything but normal.


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