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1. [Phone, Filtered from Drones]

I'm going to go on the assumption that people vanishing in addition to people freezing their behinds off is not normal for this place. If anything is even normal here.

2. [John Doe Park]

[That tree was really obnoxiously glowing bright. Ako had a urge to knock it down. If only she had her Precure powers... but no. That wasn't the way she should be thinking even if she was a lone wolf. She didn't fight for the same reasons Hibiki and Kanade did.

Hibiki. Kanade. Souta. Grandpa. Mother. Father. What would they think about her now? At least she's not erased or anything, she refused the offer. And really, she wanted to figure out what was going on.]

3. [Elementary]

[English, oi. It was a subject she was good at mind you, but it wasn't the first time that she had run into books written exclusively in it. She was wandering around, looking for her next class. It was cool in the school as usual, and she was bundled up in her jacket.]

4. [Rec Center]

[Thankfully it wasn't shut down and there were only a few people here and there. Most people were avoiding it because it was cold, but it was perfect for Ako's needs. Removing her jacket, she started to warm up, and soon was running laps around the perimeter of the area. It wasn't like she was too bothered by the cold yet, but she was able to see her breath with each step.]
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