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OOC Info Meme
[Character Name]
Ako Shirabe
[Canon] Pretty Cure (Suite Series)
[Point Taken from Canon] Episode 1-11

[Age] 10
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Heterosexual
[Housing] 7134 Brooks "Ako Marvelous"

[Eye Color] Gold
[Hair Color] Orange-Red
[Height] 4'3"
[Other] Will Lineface at You
[Clothing] http://images.wikia.com/prettycure/images/2/28/Akomuse.jpg


Serious, determined, tsundere, quiet and caring. These are all facets that make up Ako. A young girl with the weight of a kingdom on her shoulders, she was born in Major Land as the princess of the kingdom, along with her mother (Aphrodite), father (Mephisto), and her grandfather (Otokichi). As a child she grew up with a love for songs and music until her father tried to retrieve the Crescendo Tone music box, and came back possessed by Noise's evil.

After this event, Ako ran from Major Land and went to live with her grandfather in the human world, and adopted a more serious personality that, over time became her default personality. Serious to a fault, Ako tends to come off as a grump, and doesn't get along well with others. However, she managed to befriend Souta, Kanade's younger brother who has done his best to work his way into her life. She and Souta are rarely seen apart from one another, and they walk and do things together such as attend festivals and such.

Ako's seriousness also comes with a price, that she tends to shove away people who are trying to help her. Her only confidant for the longest time was Otokichi, and her Fairy Tone Dodori. Those two, coupled with the Precure powers that were granted to her during the Melody of Harmony Festival in Major land were defining factors in her life. She took up the identity of Cure Muse, but disguised herself even further with a black costume to make herself look older along with contacts to further disguise her appearance.

Rarely however if one catches her in a quiet moment, Ako usually drops her seriousness for a brief moment. Privately she loves to sing, as well as listen to music by herself. This gives insight to the much quieter and softer Ako, who loves cute things and makes a point to care for everything that she comes across. She is definitely one of those characters who hides most of her thoughts away from others, and has a deep seated trust in those who she loves and cares for, including her currently evil father.
[Specialties/Abilities] http://prettycure.wikia.com/wiki/Shirabe_Ako#Cure_Muse

As a Precure, Ako has several abilities that are connected to her power set. At the very base of it is her Cure Module and her Fairy Tone Dodori. Combined together, they allow her to transform into Cure Muse who has two major attacks which have devastating power. This also gives her incredible speed, strength and stamina, along with toughness and defensive strength as well belaying her tiny frame.

Also, there is the family powers that have been passed down through the Royal Line. Able to summon a rainbow keyboard, she is able to create barriers, and use music as a projectile weapon. This ability is primarily used in her disguise as Cure Muse (Black Outfit), and would be primarily used for a majority of the time, being that the costume also comes with a bodysuit and cape that gives the illusion that she is a much older girl. As Muse Black, she doesn't speak and allows Dodori to speak for her, the pair connected together.

[Affection] Hugging, kissing, various manners of physical intimacy are allowed with a no smut clause. C'mon, she's ten.

[Fighting] Fighting is allowed, injury is no problem though death I'd like to avoid. It would probably snap Ako die and be resurrected if it happens. I mean c'mon, she's TEN.

[Other Permissions] Can telepathic characters read your character's mind? How much can fourth wall breakers say? In other words, how intrusive can another character be toward yours? If there's anything you don't want a character to bring up or know about your character, just fill it in here.

Yes to telepathy, yes to fourth walling (love it so much), intrusiveness is always fun to do to her.

[Other Facts] She is very lineface. As a player OOCly I am not. So I do apologize in advance for her seriousness.
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